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Highly Recommended NS-UK education consultants for everyone who wants to study higher education in UK. From the point of applying to the university, each and every step is very clear and transparent. I successfully got my student visa within 5 days.One of the best decisions I have made in my life was choosing NS-UK for higher education in the UK, they made my dream reality.

Siome lakshan

Northumbia University Newcastle [January Intake 2024]

Highly recommended for reliable and genuine service...My student visa is successful through NSUK .Entire team worked on my application very well. They always checked all the things thoroughly and advised me always in order to success in my visa as soon as possible.NSUK team supported my journey ..This is the right place to achieve abroad dreams for students.

Yasintha lakshan

Ulster University London [January Intake 2024]

Visa succeeded. Thank you so much for the NS-UK Education Consultants during all this process. Thank you Mr Prasad for guiding me firstly. Thank you Miss Sandani & Miss Achini for all the process since applying for the university.your A-Z guidance for me to the point is highly appreciated and your advice in each and every doubt I had was very impressive. Thank you Good luck for NS-UK Education Consultants and all staff….!!!!

Kavindu Avinash

Northumbia University London [January Intake 2024]

I highly recommend NSUK Education Consultants because the entire team is friendly and up to date on the latest news as well. And they are quick to reply to our matters as well.

I highly give my appreciation to Mr. Prasad and Miss Achini on helping me fulfill my dream to study in UK. Thank you NSUK.

Ryne Fernando

Northumbia University London [September Intake 2023]

I highly recommend NS-UK Education Consultants for anyone wishing to migrate as students. My sincere thanks goes to Mr. Prasad Abeykoon and Ms. Sandani for their unwavering support in obtaining the UK student visa.

Saman Liyanage

Northumbia University Newcastle [September Intake 2023]

Highly recommend for anyone looking to study in the UK. Special thanks to Mr. Prasad and Miss. Achini for their excellent service and support.

Sandun Sampath

Northumbia University London [May Intake 2023]

Thank you NS-UK for your excellent service. Thank you Mr. Prasad and Miss. Achini who are so helpful and loyal about their service. They always answered all my questions and concern at all hours without getting annoyed. They explained well the whole process and made it a stress free process all throughout. They are really a blessing to me, that’s why I highly recommend NS-UK to my friends and family who is looking for a Education Consultants. Keep up the good work and keep helping others to make their dreams be fulfilled here in United Kingdom! Choosing NS-UK Education Consultants was my best decision. I recommend every students, brothers and sisters to join NS-UK Education Consultants for your bright future.

Shiraz Salman Faris

Northumbia University London [May Intake 2023]

Dear Mr Prasad and all staff of NS-UK, We would like to thank you and your staff so much for all the hard work in helping us to obtain our UK dream. When we start this process we were overwhelmed and frustrated with the entire process. After our first conversation with Mr Prasad, we already began to feel more confident and at ease with the entire process. During a stressful period, you always were there to answer our questions no matter how small. We express our Thanks & Gratitude for your timely advice & cooperation in making our migration successful. Thank you again and we are happy to recommend our friends and contacts who intend migrating to UK to you.

Aruni Dasanayake

Northumbia University London [May Intake 2023]

I moved to Newcastle, United Kingdom and I'm 23 years old pursue my IFP business management from Northumbria University Newcastle 2022. My experience with NSUK education consultant was so great that I have been continuously recommending it to my friends and relatives since then. I was actually surprised to come across how supportive helpful they were.Unlike other education consultants and agents, they maintained a right balance between what I wanted and then decide how they can help me with regard to that without being deceptive.

Myself , being new and unaware to the whole application process , guidance and information furnished by NSUK consultant, whether it was for the admission process or for the visa made everything much simpler and unproblematic.

Shammika Wellappili

Northumbia University Newcastle [September Intake 2022]

I would like to thank NS- UK education to guide me to achieve my higher education journey to UK. They were responsible about whole process and provide excellent service. Can recommend to anyone about their professionalism.

Kasuni Priyadarshani

Ulster University London [September Intake 2022]

NS-UK was great to work with providing me with a future road map to meet my expected goals. They provide great service and keep me on track, specially I must say thank you to Sri Lanka NSUK team for always keeping me on track until I get the visa. All NSUKEC helped me a lot with my admission process to the Ulster University and I strongly recommend NS-UK service.

Pasan Nirod

I can confidently recommend that NS-UK is the real and reliable choice for your higher education dream.

I am very grateful for the support and excellent guidance provided and they handled the visa process smoothly and all NSUK Team assisted me in university registration process. I am really happy for the help & support you have given me without any stress.

I received my visa & my husband's visa within 12 working days. Thank you so much for helping me achieve my biggest dream of my whole life.

All the Best NS-UK team !!! Keep it up!

Nethu Uthpala Dalabandara

If you have an abroad aspiration, then “NSUK EDUCATIONAL CONSULTANTS” is one of the best student consultants in Sri Lanka. They are expert in the field of getting students admission for United Kingdom.

I would like to recommend their services to new one who would like to pursue their dream. The services provided by NSUKEC in applying for student visas are really good. They have been extremely helpful and genuine in their approach.

They have an excellent team who are always up and willing to talk to you to satisfy your queries and also recommend a solution during the process

Sandirawarnan Santhush

Northumbria University New Castle IFP- Computing [January Intake 2022]

I'm Donald Amerasinghe, Sri Lankan National and currently pursuing my Master's Programme in Business with Northumbria University thanks to Prasad and NS-UK Consultants. There was no better service provided to me than what I received through NS-UK consultants. It was fabulous during the whole process. They supported me throughout, guiding me, taking the necessary actions, educating me, and providing me with the best advice as to how I need to approach during my application process. Without their expert guidance, I don't think I would have had a better chance of coming to the UK. Other than NS-UK Consultancy there is no one else I would recommend who will assist in such a manner throughout the journey. Thank you NS-UK Consultant!

Donald Devinda

Northumbria University London [January Intake 2022]

We are so thankful for the manner in which you handled student and dependent visa process. From the beginning of the university offer to the entire family visa.

We are so great full and highly recommending you for anybody who looking for Uk study visa consultation.

Thank You!

R.I.D.A. Yapa

Ulster University Birmingham, MSc. Marketing with Advance Practice [January Intake 2022]

Out of many Education Consultants in Sri Lanka NSUK is one of the best places to get an honest opinion and information about the student visa process to the UK. Mr. Prasad and Mrs.Hettiarachchi helped me a lot in every little matter in the whole process. I admire their service rendered for us to make our dream a reality. They're marvelous in turning around hard cases which most agents refuse.

Highly recommended.

Anuradhi Waahalathanthri

Ulster University, Birmingham MSc. International Business with HRM [January Intake 2022]

The best & easiest way of gaining the opportunity to continue our higher studies in a foreign country within a very short period of time. So, I recommend to all of you the “NS-UK Consultant” through my own experience and this is the perfect solution for anyone who seeks to have a student visa for the most reputed countries without no doubt.

Especially thanks to Mr and Mrs Hettiarachchi and his team, for the support and guidance throughout the process of a UK student visa. Cheers!

Afnas Asim

Northumbria University London - International Project Management [January Intake 2022]

NSUK consulting is the best consulting agency where throughout the first call up to the last until visa they will be touched with us. And especially when selecting a university they will provide us all the best universities situated in UK with all the pros and cons from each university. Which will be very easy for us to choose. Even is any interviews that come across the university NSUK consulting will be with us for guided training sessions prior to the university. And the best out of best is that NSUK consultants will provide us 24/7 365 days service when we give any call. Special thanks to Mr Prasad and the team. Thank you

Thisum Perera

Northumbria University London - International Project Management [January Intake 2022]

Hi, I am Thilini Wasana from Sri Lanka. It was my dream to do my Masters in Education Studies in a UK university. Because of NSUK Education Consultants my dream became a reality. For my Masters Degree I could choose a world class, highly accepted university IN UK. I’m really grateful for NSUK Education Consultants because they are so dedicated, helpful, friendly and without their support I couldn’t have taken my admissions from a UK’s topmost university. The team is very supportive and from the beginning to the end they are so keen about the matter and they are so dedicated towards our work. Most importantly they give us opportunity and their time to explain ourselves and they try their level best to provide their maximum attention to us. They did all the paperwork for my admissions and moreover, they guide us in every step of the procedure & for instance they give us guidance to prepare for the interviews which will be done by the university.

I would like to give my special regards to the whole NSUK team who assisted me during the whole procedure. I would highly recommend NSUK Education Consultants for other students who wish to pursue an international level graduation from a world-leading university in UK.

Thilini Wasana

University of Roehampton - Education Studies, MA [January Intake 2022]

Hello. I am Stefano Perera, Sri Lankan national. I would not have been able to come to the UK without the expert guidance of NS-UK Education Consultants.

Having a previous visit visa refusal, I was initially quite anxious about embarking on this journey again, but with the professional guidance of the NSUKEC, I was able to successfully acquire my UK student visa. It was a real weight lifted off my shoulders!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I had to enroll myself in university online before traveling to the The UK. However, NSUKEC supported me through the entire process, providing travel advice and information on safety measures I needed to be aware of.

In light of my excellent experience with them, I would certainly recommend the services of NS-UK Education Consultants to any international student in need of assistance!

Stefano Perera

Ulster University

Hi, my name is Rohit Joy and I am an international student from India. I had completed my master’s in business management and now I had applied for my second masters from the UK. To get an admission for a second masters in the UK is very difficult and that time my friend had recommended NSUK Education consultants. I would like to thank NSUK Educational Consultants because they are very dedicated and helpful and without their help and support, I can’t get my admission from UK’s topmost university. I don’t want to worry about the entire period because they had done everything perfectly and, in each case, they had done their 100% for getting my admission

I would like to give my special regards to the all team of NSUKEC, who had assisted me during the whole process. They are very dedicated and helped me clearing my doubts and did all my paperwork for my admission.

I would like to recommend NSUKEC for other students who wish to pursue an international level graduation.

Rohit Joy (MSC Student)

I'm Always having a Great customer service. Friendly, trustworthy, helpfully & kindly active staff. Using most advance, intelligent & Right decision & smart techniques with their long term Experience. Finally Fantastic results. So I can highly recommended "NS-UK Education Consultants"

Rosh Roshan

United Kingdom

I choose NS-UK Education Consultants because they are professionals with experience.

They guided me to fulfill all conditions on the offer letter. I recommend these consultants to anybody.

Sunila Arkash

SOLENT University

Hello, I am Thilini Poornima Bandara from Sri Lanka which is a tiny island in the Indian ocean. I have enrolled in the Ulster University which is the world rank 801 bearer in the world. I am very impressed and lucky to have a good chance to get the consultation through the NS-UK Education Consultants Ltd. It has guided me with a lot of helpful activities such as the basic background of selecting universities and matching our budgets, how to do the general documentation, financial Documentation, how to prepare for pre CAS interviews, how to obtain the CAS letter from the university, Visa Application handling according to the students. Apart From that NS-UK shows the path to get a 2 Years to post-study Visa, showing Opportunities for Settlement Visa, Dependent Visa Handling, Free advice on Airport pickup and guide to book cheap air tickets, get Affordable accommodation arrangement, free guidance to register with NHS, Opening Bank statements, Registration with HMRC and other advice in the UK.

I Never had expected that the NS-UK would be helpful and really a concern for every student. Any kinds of problems that you will encounter they will always try to help you. I will give them a 100% mark allocation not because I am getting service from there but because they are really doing their best to achieve your goals for your future.

They are always responsive in anything else and everything else and always with positive solutions. Don't panic. Don't think twice. They give the best service to you. join with them.

Poornima Bandara

Ulster University - Birmingham

I would like to thank to the team of NSUKEC, who had assisted me during the whole process of my student visa. They are very dedicated and helpful, they have properly guided with all my paperwork as well as admission process.

I would like to recommend NSUKEC for other students who wish to pursue an international level graduation in UK.

Chandana Perera (MSC Student)

Northumbria University - London

NSUK Education Consultantants is the best UK visa consultancy firm that I recommend, because they are extremely professional as well as honest in all their dealings.

They gave me ample time and individual attention to success my work to the best of my satisfaction. And also they correctly guided me in documents preparation and made me prepare for my university interview as well as visa interview.

Thanks to NSUK Education Consultants, I got my UK visa and I'm satisfied and highly recommend their consultancy.

Thank you NSUK team  

Hayanti Wijesinghe

Ulster University - Birmingham

As a result of my own experience, I suggest the nsuk consultants. The staff is very kind and offers timely service. Instead of looking for such money, they assist students in reaching their goals. Good luck to you all !!

Irosh hewage

Northumbia University Newcastle