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  • Culture

Multicultural country with more than 270 nationalities and 300 languages.

  • Economy

The UK economy is the sixth largest in the world and among the top three in Europe. It was historically the lead nation in becoming industrialised and London remains one of the world’s main financial centres.

  • Cost of living

If you are living and studying in London £1,334 per month
If you are studying and living outside London or anywhere else in the Uk £1,023

  • Accommodation types

University accommodation, Private accommodation, Family stay / Home stay, Private halls of residence, Private flat share.

  • Education system

Primary, Secondary, further education & higher education are the four main sectors in the UK education system. Over 500,000 international students enrolled in higher education from all over the world because of its renowned standards and degrees are world recognized. London is not just the capital in the uk it is the world capital for higher education with highest number of top worldwide ranked universities.


England, Wales, and Northern Ireland share a common system of external qualification within the National qualification framework and Scotland has its own legislative framework, curriculum framework and qualification system.

  • International students

If you are over 18 years old, want to study at a UK university, you need to apply for student visa.


The UK is one of the world’s most prevalent destination for international students and has number of further and higher education institutions and courses for the international students to consider.

  • Type of emergency services

*Police * Fire * Emergency medical services and technical rescue *Coastguard For immediate emergency assistance in the UK: CALL 999